Politically Incorrect Medicine July 2012

Plants not drugs for Lyme Disease
Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) meets modern science

Lyme Disease is a scourge. Southwestern Massachusetts, where I practice, may have more Lyme disease — and other tick borne illnesses — than anywhere in the world.

Due to my attendance at three medical conferences last month and the wish to include material from those conferences in the current issue, I have skipped the June issue. Here is the July issue. Your subscription will be extended by one issue.

Alan Inglis MD

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New American Doctor July 2012

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Treat causes, improve symptoms
Jump start your mind and body with amino acids (AAs)

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One comment

  • I did get Lyme Disase from boating in a remote pond with a small island in north eastern North Carolina. Other than later removing the deer tick,symptons didn’t showed up until several weeks later.

    I was at work as an engineer, when everything began to seem remote. It is very rare that I ever get sick. I immediatly started large doses of Vit. C. Three days later,I was back to normal!

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