Chronic low dose mercury exposure

Much more is known about acute large dose exposure to mercury, its toxic effects and treatment.

Less is known about chronic low dose exposure, whose toxic effects are numerous and may be subtle, often mistaken for other diseases.

Effects from chronic low dose exposure are much harder to verify with the available methodology and technology. There are many dozens of possible symptoms — mercury affects the brain and nervous system,the endocrine organ system, the heart, the immune system and the skin and hair.

The problems with low dose mercury exposure are compounded by the fact that most mainstream doctors don’t “believe” in mercury toxicity, although there is ample evidence in the scientfiic literature and even in conservative medical text books which allude to the phenomenon.

The American Dental Association, which still recommends mercury containing amalgam fillings, dominates the current research that ends up in mainstream medical journals.

from New American Doctor February 2011

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